MLL Task Force Summarizes Concerns over Fall Teaching

Below is the report of the Task Force on Teaching assembled in the Modern Languages and Literatures Department, which to our knowledge is the largest and most thorough effort to gauge faculty perspectives on plans for the fall semester, identify concerns, and propose solutions for consideration.  The emails below, posted with permission, include details of the process that generated the report.

Dear friends,

      Recently, the faculty of Modern Languages & Literatures asked me to form a Task Force on Teaching. Their reason was that a Task Force could serve as a forum for the members of the department.  Rather than the many individual emails we chairs receive concerning the future–many of which we cannot answer–they thought that an Ad Hoc Committee could be more effective in transmitting to me collectively their concerns and ideas. I’m sure you are well familiar with the excellent teachers in MLL. There have been so many Sujack Teaching and Research Prize winners and nominees, I couldn’t list them because I would leave someone out.

     Therefore, on the basis of their dedication to teaching, I agreed to form the Task Force and asked for two part-time instructors, two NTTs, and two tenured faculty to serve on the committee, which was chaired by Dr. Cristina Lombardi-Diop. After two meetings in June, they developed a survey to be distributed among the faculty and staff of MLL. Then they synthesized the response in the document that is attached to this email.

As is my custom as chair, I trusted my colleagues to work not only collaboratively but independently. After I constituted the committee, I played no part in the drafting of the report other than to respond to the survey as prima inter pares.

     As you will see in their note to me below, they asked me to forward it to the parties listed above. I deleted Tom Regan but included our new Dean, Dr. Peter Schraeder, as well as Associate Provost, Dr. JoBeth Williams, and obviously, our provost, Dr. Norberto Grzywacz.
     It would be very gratifying to my colleagues, who spent the better part of a month on the committee’s work, to receive your response to their report. I am certain that many of the issues they raise have a resolution or have already been addressed by you. I’m also certain that they represent the concerns of faculty members in other departments.
     Kindly realize that we are appreciative of the immense effort that all of our administration has put into the preparations for the fall. This is in no way a criticism of those efforts. Rather, it should be seen as an Addendum.
     Below is the Chair of the Task Force‘s letter to me which accompanied their report.
    Susana Cavallo
Dear Susana,
     Attached is our report, the result of our collective work. Over half of the faculty responded to the survey. The statements in the report reflect their questions and concerns.
    It is our will for this report to reach the higher administrators: Tom Kelly (The Office of the President), John Frendreis (The Office of the Provost), David Slavsky (The Office of Institutional Effectiveness), Tom Regan (The CAS Dean’s Office), and Benjamin Johnson (Loyola AAUP Chapter).
    Thank you Susana for your continuing support of the MLL faculty.
    Best regards
    The Task Force on Teaching
Cristina Lombardi-Diop (Chair) (Italian)
David Beltran (Spanish)
Beth Maldonado (Spanish)
Jack Hutchens (Polish)
David Posner (French)
Alrick Knight (Spanish)


TaskForceReport 6-29-Final

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