Federal Appeals Court Blocks Duquesne Union

Given last week’s other clear signs of how fragile our democracy is, it might have been easy to miss this incredibly discouraging ruling from a federal appeals court, with potentially enormous implications for Catholic and other religiously affiliated institutions like universities and hospitals. Duquesne has succeeded in denying its adjuncts the right to unionize, under the claim of a religious exemption to the National Labor Relations Act. Worse yet, the university was supported by the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities. Loyola has in past filings with the National Labor Relations Board claimed such an exemption, which if upheld would allow them to decertify the SEIU union that represents lecturers and adjuncts. And if employers like Loyola can claim exemption from labor law under the guise of “religious freedom,” can they also be free from anti-discrimination or workplace safety statutes? Given the Republican stronghold on judicial appointments, even if they start losing elections this is one of the ways they will perpetuate economic inequality, in this case joined by the self-professed advocates of “social justice.”


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