Welcome to Loyola University Chicago (LUC)’s chapter of AAUP–the American Association of University Professors.  Founded in 1915 to support principles of shared governance, academic rigor and freedom, AAUP has organizations based at universities and colleges across the country.  As higher education has become increasingly dependent on untenured and adjunct faculty, the assistance that AAUP and sister unions provide has gained renewed importance.

At LUC alone, the numbers of non-tenured (NTT) and part-time faculty have more than doubled in the last fifteen years. AAUP provides faculty-centered support for LUC’s NTT, adjunct and graduate student faculty unions as they organize and bargain for higher wages, access to benefits and a balanced workload.  AAUP also protects agains unwanted surveillance and harassment of faculty, and assists with faculty grievances.  Please read about AAUP’s past work and consider joining.

If you are a faculty member who is interested in contacting or joining an LUC union, please check under Resources.  For the latest information on bargaining and faculty union negotiations, please see the Blog.